2D CAD Technical Drawings

Recommended for businesses or individuals in need of an electronic and printable manufacturing drawing of a product, component, piece of furniture or even a building or part of a building. The advantage of electronic documentation is its adaptability to changing needs at any time. Compared to modelling, here the customer is only provided with the electronic technical documentation. In addition to its dimensions, the drawing contains the tolerances, markings and tables according to the manufacturing technology.

Examples of use include: 

  • to invite tenders, submit tenders and obtain permits for building renovations;
  • to remanufacture or modify parts and request or give quotes;
  • to manufacture completely new products or prototypes.

We are capable of:

  • creating an electronic CAD model and a scaled two-dimensional electronic technical drawing based on a freehand or technical drawing;
  • producing electronic CAD technical drawings of existing parts or pieces of equipment based on technical measurements;
  • creating a model and technical drawing from professional scanned files.
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