General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

Welcome to our website, thank you for your trust.

The guidelines in our General Terms and Conditions set out the rights and obligations of

suppliers and customers in relation to the ordering of services and goods advertised on the

website if 3DCAD Design.

The law refers to the customer as the consumer, a term our company avoids where possible

and uses the term buyer or customer.

In addition to the law, the staff of 3DCAD will do their utmost to provide the right information

to help customers take the right decision and avoid possible later complications. In the event

of problems, we are guided by the goal of accurately identifying them, which teaches us how

to improve our products and services. The costs incurred by making a mistake must always

be borne by the party who made the mistake.

The experience we have gained from working with our partners often warns us of potential

mistakes in advance, and because of our greater routine, we try to anticipate mistakes

arising from occasional inexperience of our clients, thus raising the quality of our services

and the added value we create.

For the time being, the GTC are only available in Hungarian, and we are at your disposal to

answer any questions you may have about a contract.