3D Scanning

In the field of 3D scanning, we are capable of producing a digital file of parts of various sizes with an Artec EVA HD and Artec Spider handheld 3D scanner and CAD models on request. The resulting scan is processed using Artec Studio. This program enables us to provide you with the dimensions of the scanned file to within a tenth or even a hundredth, depending on the surface quality.

Although it is possible to scan the desired object on the spot, portable objects can also be sent by post before being returned once scanned.

  • 3D Scanning can be used to: digitalize equipment and components that need to be remanufactured or redesigned,
  • digitalize objects and surfaces whose shapes provide the basis (moulds) for the design of a product,
  • manufacture medical devices, e.g. prostheses and those that facilitate healing,
  • ensure quality assurance,
  • digitalize special parts of buildings,
  • check dimensions,
  • digitalize and model archaeological objects.

It is important that the tools as well as programs used for scanning are high value-added and are only worth buying if the results are also high value-added.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal.

3D scanning process, creating a CAD model

part to be manufactured
point cloud file created by scanning
finished digitized model
finished CAD model