Production of a car radiator part

For parts that are no longer commercially available or particularly expensive, additive manufacturing is worth considering. Examples of such components may include connections for automotive cooling systems.

Chrysler PT Cruiser 1,6L EJD water cooling component

First, the part is remodelled:

Creation of a triangle mesh from scanned files and mesh models:

When redesigning, we always consider the conditions of use, reasons why the old part failed and the specifications of the additive manufacturing technology chosen.

We use this information and our experience to design the CAD model of the new part. This added knowledge allows us to offer a 1-year manufacturer's warranty covering our products.

Completed CAD files:

Review of the CAD and mesh files: 

The HP MJF technology was chosen to remanufacture parts because HP can produce a waterproof surface using a special adhesive applied to the powder bed fusion technology yielding an excellent surface finish verified by pressure tests.

In the meantime, the Formlabs SLS 3D additive manufacturing technology was also equipped with a waterproof coating.

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3D printed scale models

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