Manufacture of Functional components

One of the biggest challenges with regard to the additive manufacturing of functional parts is that the mechanical properties of printed parts can only be guaranteed by taking measurements and testing. In the absence of case studies, we cannot guarantee the performance of a part. Therefore, it is worthwhile to clarify the operating environment of a component before manufacturing.

To ensure that the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of printed parts can be designed, major manufacturers of additive manufacturing materials document their materials with printing instructions and material-specific data supported by laboratory measurements.

Knowledge of the properties of raw materials helps us to thoroughly take into account component designs so that our products can operate without failing in the desired environment.

If you are considering the use of additive manufacturing to replace a part and the original part is not made of plastic, it is possible to redesign the original part so that it can be made of plastic. Read more under 3D Design & Modelling.

One of the greatest achievements of additive manufacturing is the existence of raw materials that can be used to produce workpieces for direct use. We are capable of producing custom and small series of parts with special features.

The components of our printers: 

With the help of our partners, we have the capacity to supply small- and medium-sized as well as specialised equipment that use powder or metal fibre technology.

Depending on the material, we are currently capable of printing parts and objects on our own printers with the following properties:

  • high-precision, heat-resistant,
  • hard, resilient, high-strength,
  • high-stiffness,
  • heat-resistant,
  • impact-resistant,
  • composite,
  • continuous composite fibre reinforcement (carbon fibre, Kevlar,
  • glass wool and heat-resistant glass wool fibre reinforcement),
  • chemical-resistant, UV-resistant, wear-resistant, flame-resistant,
  • ESD-proof (ElectroStatic Discharge), translucent,
  • recycled, low-friction, food grade.

Optional raw materials according to our manufacturer:

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