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Hella electrical switchboard cover


  • The cover is intended to contain the electronics for the van's tail lift movement electronics.
  • The damage was caused by a careless reverse resulting in a destroyed cover.
  • The over dimensions of the component are 397 × 173.5 × 156 mm.
  • The original component is made of polycarbonate.
  • The part is not available, so 3D printing was considered.
  • The FDM additive process has been chosen because the SLA and MJF machines had too small work ranges making prints only in two sections possible.

Original model cover


  • Preparation of a 3D CAD model based on the original part.
  • Scanning with an Artec Eva Lite hand scanner and processing with the Artec Studio 16 software.
  • The dimensions were determined using Rhinoceros7 CAD software from the scanned file, and the CAD model was created using Fusion 360 CAD software.
  • Size and hole checks were based on 3D prints of the cross-sections.
  • The raw material has been selected taking into account the use and environmental conditions. The product must be able to withstand permanent vibration and UV radiation. Therefore, initially, ASA material was considered, but for easier printing and to prevent deformation, we accepted the manufacturer's suggestion and changed to Extrudr Green-Teh PRO, which is also durable and, at the same time, environmentally friendly, biodegradable in accordance with ISO 14855-1:2005.
  • Printing in one piece, using FDM additive process.

3D CAD model creation:

Photos of the finished part:

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