Szil-Bútor Bt. Window Renovation

Assignment: CAD modelling of window decorations for CNC production.

  • Scanning of patterns on old window decoration battens and frames.
  • Preparation of CAD models and true drawings based on the scanned files. Used tools include Artec Eva Lite hand scanner, Artec Studo 16 software for scan file processing, Shapr3D and Rhinoceros7 CAD software.
  • Prototyping based on the CAD models of the template with 3D additive process (using Ultimaker S5 3D printer)
  • Sample approval, preparation of CAD model for CNC production.

Scanning of window decoration battens and frame patterns using an Artec Eva Lite hand scanner.

Preparation of drawings, CAD models and shop drawings:

CNC machining of the decorative batten following prototype review, production of complete windows by Szil-Bútor Bt.:

To be continued ...